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The Long & Short of It

You want to keep the length. Then again, you crave a cute crop cut. This hair style lets you have it both ways.

Fine hair, like our model Sasha’s, needs special care so it doesn’t just lie flat. We began with Matrix Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo and Conditioner; products that won’t weigh hair down.

Sasha’s longish hair style wasn’t working for her (it made her hair look too thin). Our stylist cut off a little more than two inches to give Sasha a shorter, layered hair do with enough length in back to afford plenty of styling flexibility. The cut is a tip of the hat to iconic styles of the 1960s - think of the Beatles’ blunt bowl cuts and the geometric Mary Quant bob - modernized with lighter, softer edges. Now Sasha can fake a longer or a super-short style; fluff her hair up or smooth it down.

We darkened Sasha’s hair two shades to a rich, glossy monochromatic brown. Though Sasha used to have red highlights, she doesn’t need them now. The wispy edges of her new cut let her skin show through, giving her natural areas of lightness around the face.

Style It Long
For the tucked-behind-the-ears look at left, our stylist created a flip by flat-ironing only the last inch of Sasha’s hair and curving it up at the ends. The key is to use the tool at a low temperature so you get smooth hair without flattening the whole look.

“This definitely has attitude,” says Wardrobe Stylist Priscilla Polley, who mixed blue and black and contrasted dark with white to mimic a tuxedo.

Makeup Artist Rie Omoto defined Sasha’s brows with brown powder and slicked on a bright coral lip color.

Style It Short
Think short hair is only for hot weather? Think again. “In winter,” our stylist explains, “you’re wearing big collars, scarves and cowl necks, so you don’t want long hair getting in the way.” For texture, movement and definition like Sasha, apply a small amount of Regis DESIGNLINE Ultimate Matte Pliable Clay and blow dry with your fingers, not a brush, raking the pieces forward.

Regis Salons Long Short Trend Image 3

Polley put Sasha in a feminine, high-neck dress to showcase her new hairdo. The cut-in shoulders are subtly sexy.

Omoto kept Sasha’s lips a fresh pink and made her eyes appear rounder and bigger with a little brown eyeliner and a lot of dark mascara.
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