With Friendship Day coming up (5th August), it’s high time to think of that one person in your squad who is there for you above everyone else.

Despite how many Facebook friends we have or followers on ‘gram, there is probably only one person from your social media flock who is there for you, both online and in real life.  You know exactly who this person is. This person lets you ugly-cry on their shoulder, is most likely to answer your crisis call in the middle of the night, lets you endlessly tag them in online memes, and is the one person you can rely on to motivate you when you’ve found yourself at the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s feeling supremely sorry for yourself. They show us they care by giving us the kick up the backside we often need and telling us exactly how it is, as much as we hate it at the time. As well as giving us some much-needed tough love from time to time, they also take credit for our uncontrollable laughter and showing us the type of love that you know will make your friendship last a lifetime <3


So, with that said, we’ve put together some of our favourite ideas to help you celebrate friendship day.


two female friends watching television


Date night 


Seized mostly by romance, the term ‘date night’ is long over-due a revamp. Instead of saving it for your romantic partner, use it to focus on the person that’s there for you at your best and worst. It’s time to friendzone ‘date night’ and what better way than to stay in, pick your best of Netflix, grab some popcorn, totally ignore watching the film playing in the background that you spent hours to decide on with some much needed catch up goss…



at home pamper



We’re always craving some time to unwind and pamper ourselves. Whether it’s beautifying our skin or giving our hair some much needed tlc (we know a thing or two on this topic by the way), treating yourself to some decent pamper time with your bestie is always a good option. Indulge your hair with a nourishing mask treatment and rejuvenate your skin with an exfoliating mask. Speak to one of our stylists for the best products for you. You could even combine your pamper day and date night. Bliss.




Shop Girls shopping


Nothing beats good old-fashioned retail therapy. There’s a reason they call it retail-therapy. According to studies shopping allows us to be creative and provides us with the joy and excitement of visualising how we’d use our newly bought items. It also allows us to socially connect with others which can help alleviate daily stresses. But there’s a cautionary notice of over-indulgence attached with this one – so be mindful! With that said, set your budget with your gal and shop away your stresses together.




Girls road trip
The world is such a big place and who better to explore it with than your bestie? Okay, so our budget might not exactly stretch to a 5* thrill seeking adventure get away in Bali, but hey, we bet there’s places right on your door step that you never even knew existed. What about that new bar you drive past every morning thinking “I need to check that place out” but never actually get around to doing it? Or taking that road trip up to the place you and your mate have been talking about for like a decade? Well, it’s about time you did something about it! Grab your picnic basket, some moisturising SPF protection, your retro hair scarf to keep your mane in tact on the open road plus your fav shades, you know, those rose-tinted heart shaped ones, and hit the road this summer.



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