Ok, so let’s be real, the suspiciously good looks we yearn for and the attractive features of our friends who we are sometimes (just sometimes) insanely jealous of, are not necessarily all gifts from mother nature. As much as we’d like to think that those bambi-length eyelashes are inherited, or that your friend’s caramel skin tone is simply ‘genetics’ or that your colleague’s thick, voluminous hair really does grow 3-5 inches almost overnight, it’s simply not the case. But hey, that’s okay. In fact, we’re all for enhancing our appearance to look and feel good, after all we are in the hair and beauty biz. However, the move to creating beauty transformations, both big and small, that are natural-looking and nonchalant, is the way forward according to our Creative Director, Kieron Fowles. Hair is one of our more widely conversed features that we tend to ‘renovate’ and playing into the hands of ‘I woke up like this’ remains as the prevailing aesthetic for many of us.

Our new Sunkissed collection features healthy, beautiful, premium hair that is natural, wearable and adaptable to individual style. The natural look is a massive trend for 2018/19 and we’ve used it as our inspiration encompassing retro and modern influences. The collection celebrates and embraces the natural beauty in all of us, with hair that is relaxed and free flowing and color that is subtle, complimentary and simply beautiful. ​Fluorescent dip dyed ombre fans look away now as we officially present our new collection: Sunkissed.

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