Forget about flower crowns and lace headbands. This year’s festival aesthetic is all about boho-chic waves; bold colors and glitter hair accessories. We’ve already seen some super-sophisticated looks debut on Coachella’s main stage, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings…

In fact, we’re so excited that we’ve already started compiling a list of our favourite SS19 festival looks, ft. all of your favourite celebrities, stylists and brands:

1. Winnie Harlow’s bubblegum pink

A fresh take on the pink hair trend, Winnie’s bubblegum-colored ombre was one of our favourite #Coachella looks. We absolutely love the lively, playful tones that are on display here, and that boisterous blend of candy pinks is the *perfect* match for another one of this year’s hottest trends – the neon ensemble.

We also love those simple, carefree waves. It’s often tempting to combine statement colors with an equally bold style, but we think it’s better to stick to a single focal point – so that you can be 100% sure that people are going to notice your bold recolor.

Plus, this year’s Coachella was all about those laid-back, boho vibes and we’re pretty sure that wavy beach hair is going to dominate our Instagram feed this summer…

2. Beads like Vanessa Morgan

Speaking of old-school cool, Vanessa Morgan’s accessorised half-up is a real festival classic and we’re absolutely loving those beaded safety pins. Part of @Tresseme’s signature #TRESfest look, they bring some much-needed colour to the Riverdale star’s immaculately smooth mane – drawing the eye without disrupting her hair’s natural lines, or overwhelming the rest of her relatively laid-back look.

If you’re looking for a nice, simple way to dial things up for festival season, a handful of similar beads could be the way to go. Combine them with sleek tresses in a carefree style and you’ll be well on your way to channelling Vanessa’s fun and flirty #throwback vibes.

Oh, and best of all, this look is 100% temporary, so you don’t have to worry about recoloring your hair cum late June…

3. Hair clip queen: Bella Thorne

Once the undisputed queen of the flower crown, Bella Thorne seems to have updated her look for this year’s coachella; leaning hard into SS19’s obsession with glitzy accessories and natural-looking hair.

This look is all about contrast. Those oversized, gem-encrusted  hair clips are the perfect counterpoint to her mirror-smooth tresses, and that fiery red color does a great job of counterbalancing the cool, silver-grey tones of her glittery eyeshadow.

Natural red, brown and blonde tones can also bring a bit of sophistication to your festival look, so if you’re going to do like Bella and deck yourself out in glitter, you might want to consider opting for a similar hair color.

4. Gigi Hadid’s unicorn bun

2018’s obsession with unicorns is still going strong, as evidenced by this fun and playful redux of the traditional half-up topknot/bun. First styled for Anna Sui’s SS19 event, this spectacular look is defined by its messy edges; loose waves and soft lines. It’s also quirky enough to suit the out-there vibes of festival season, and we think it’s a perfect match for boho-chic ensembles of every description.

Because it’s meant to be messy, this style’s also capable of disguising your second (or third) day festival hair, which is great if you’;re planning to spend the weekend slumming it in a tent; hours away from your collection of styling products.

This bun’s super easy to execute as well. All you have to do is brush your hair back, divide it into three sections and then wrap the strands from your crown into a conical bun. When it comes to locking things in place, pins and clips can be a great help. That said, a strong-hold hairspray is probably the best choice of finishing touch. Particularly if you’re going to be dancing about in the great outdoors…

5. Feathered embellishments: Zadig & Voltaire

Remember how we said SS19 was all about accessories; undone hair and boho-chic vibes?

Well, let’s just say that this (absolutely stunning) ‘do from Zadig & Voltaire is the perfect way to combine all three of this year’s hottest trends, and look great while you’re doing it. Obviously the glittery, gem-encrusted hairclip is the main event here, but we’re also a huge fan of those delicate, artsy little feathers, and the loose, messy waves are a perfect match for this year’s hippie vibes.

Because it doesn’t require dedicated styling  tools or treatments, this style is also a pretty great choice for your next festival outing. It’s the kind of thing you can knock together in 10 minutes flat, and a quick spritz of salt spray is all you’ll need to amp up the texture of your waves.

Just make sure you grab a couple of gem-encrusted hair clips!

6. Throwback to Kate Bosworth’s center-braid

Kate Bosworth’s always been ahead of her time, as evidenced by this breathtaking hairstyle.

This look’s actually from 2015 but don’t let that put you off: It’s got a decidedly boho feel and its strong focus on natural textures make it a *perfect* fit for this year’s festival scene. It’s also a style that’s absolutely guaranteed to turn heads, even if we have seen it done before.

Oh, and the best bit? That elegant little braid requires second day hair, so you’ve got an excuse for avoiding the perils of washing your hair while you’re shacked up in a festival campsite.

The only downside is the relative complexity of that super-near little braid. If you’re keen to get the look, you can start by taking a section of hair where you would normally have a center part, then fashioning a braid that starts at the crown and works its way toward your forehead; finishing at your hairline.

Once this is done, you’ll need to take two equal sections with the remaining hair and secure them by pushing a bobby pin up the middle of the braid as close to the scalp as possible, before taking the remaining sections and smooth them down to frame the face.

It might take a little practice, but we promise it’s worth the effort!

7. Patterned head scarf like Tyra Banks

Breezy; effortless and oh-so-colorful, a patterned headscarf is the perfect way to channel those boho-chic vibes. A headscarf will also hide your messy, second-day hair so if you’re looking to take it easy this season, throw one into your luggage and forget about the salt spray; dry shampoo and straighteners…

Just make sure that you do like Tyra Banks and pick an option that’s packed with movement and color. We adore the intricate patterns and color on display here, and we think it’s authentic, gypsy styling is one of the main reasons it’s such a great fit for the festival scene.

8. Matrix glitter space buns

Space buns are a festival mainstay: A fun and flirty way to style your hair that’s 100% perfect for those long, weekend events and summertime parties. Add a sprinkle of hair glitter aka this @matrix design and presto; you’ve got a style that’ Coachella-ready in a matter of seconds.

And yes, we do mean seconds. Space buns are super simple to style (even if you have left most of your kit at home) which makes them a great option for those of us that aren’t particularly good at weaving our hair into intricate styles.

To start, just part your hair down the middle and brush it out into two sections. Once this is done, tie each section into a high pony (taking care to make sure that they’re evenly positioned) and then wrap them into a bun before fixing them in place with a bobby pin or clip.

Because this season’s all about natural hair and boho vibes, we’d recommend styling your buns a lil’ messy and loose – taking care to leave a few strands free at the front so that there’s something to frame your face. You could also try spritzing in a little salt spray to amp up the texture and volume before you wrap them up tight, and head out to party.

9. Playful colour by Amika

Festival season is the perfect time to experiment with a bold new style, and you don;t get much bolder than this (frankly adorable) rainbow-themed ‘do. The cut itself if relatively straightforward, but the high-contrast colors are incredibly eye catching, and that little chain of fluorescent clips is so 2019 it hurts.

Reportedly the work of Doug Theoharis (@doug_theo) we think it’s one of those looks that you *have* to try at least once in your life, particularly if you’re intending to rock up at one of this summer’s biggest festivals. Just take care to get your hair colored by a trained professional, because this kind of work is incredibly difficult to do at home. There’s also a good chance that you’ll damage your hair, and brittle, dry strands are the last thing you want at the height of summer…

10. Sunset Balayage

The work of our very own stylist Laura Plats, this iridescent balayage is major hair goals, and a great fit for this year’s hottest festival trends. Its multifaceted, purple and blue tones tap straight into SS19’s obsession with #mermaidhair and its’ soft, gentle waves are 100% effortless.

Recolouring your hair may seem like a pretty drastic option, but it’s one of the best ways of making sure that your brand new ‘do stands out in a crowd. It’s also great because once you’ve recolored your hair, you don’t really need to worry about upkeep or styling; Just run  your favourite stylers through, and then kick back and relax while your color does the talking for you…

Found the look?

Hopefully this sunny little edit will have sparked your imagination, and provided some much-needed #hairspo for this year’s festival season. If you’ve found the look you want and you need some help styling your hair, we’d encourage you to book into your local Regis salon, so that our expert stylists can help you achieve your hair goals.

Our expert stylists will also be able to talk you through your options and offer some personalised recommendations based on your hair and your look, so if you’re still not *quite* sure what you’re going for, remember that they’re also down for a friendly chat.