If this year’s award season taught us anything, it’s that white blonde hair is definitely here to stay. Lady Gaga, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne  have all been snapped sporting this icy redux of last year’s nordic blonde look, and if our Instagram feed is anything to go by? Well, let’s just say that you can expect to see #scandiblonde trending for the rest of SS19.

Not that we’re complaining. In fact, we absolutely adore white blonde hair. Its striking, frost-white tones are the perfect antidote to all that hot summer sun, and it’s one of those rare hair colors that always manages to look sophisticated and carefree,  which (come to think of it) is probably why so many people have been taking the platinum plunge this year…

White blonde hair isn’t something you can rush though.

This is a pretty serious transformation that we’re talking about, and it can be tough on your hair – particularly if you’re unprepared, or set about your recolor in the wrong way. White blonde hair also takes some pretty serious dedication to maintain so it’s always best to do your homework before you rock up to the salon.

To help you out, we’ve put together this guide to white blonde hair, featuring some of our stylists’ top tips:

1. White blonde hair takes time (and money) to finesse

First things first, it’s important to understand that white blonde hair can be a labour of love. Its enchanting, frosty allure comes from the total absence of any yellow tones, which means that actually getting the look requires some pretty intensive color treatment.

First, you’ll need to have your hair pre-lightened using a professional product that removes some of the pre-existing pigment from your hair, and strengthens some of the internal bonds that give your hair its lustre and shine.

Once this is done, a toning treatment can be worked through your hair to cancel out any remaining pigments, and give you that wonderful, icy hue.

Now, we think that a head full of gorgeous, white blonde hair is 100% worth all of this effort, but it’s important to remember that this kind of transformation requires a professional touch. People do try doing it themselves – or enlisting the help of an untrained stylist – but we really don’t think it’s worth taking that risk, particularly if you want your hair to look happy, healthy and picture-perfect.

It’s also important to remember that big transformations can take more than one appointment to get right, particularly if you’re starting off with black, brown or dark-blonde hair. To ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, we’d recommend:

  • Booking a free blonde hair color consultation before you book an appointment, so that one of our expert stylists can walk you through the process, and tell you roughly how long it’ll take to change your hair to white blonde.
  • Picking a quiet week to start your transformation, so that you don’t have to attend important meetings, weddings or other family events while you’re halfway through having your hair colored.

We’d also recommend shopping around to try and find the most qualified color experts, but we’re confident that our stylists are among the best in the industry, so there’s no real need to do anything except find out where your local Regis salon is located 😉

2. There are more than 50 shades to choose from…

Ok, so that might be a slight overstatement, but it’s still super-important to remember that there are different types of white blonde to choose from. Adding purple, lilac or platinum tones can radically alter your final look, and we’ve also seen some super-luxe, creamy whites out there on Instagram too.

Playing with secondary tones can really help when it comes to avoiding that “flat white” monotone blonde colour that we all hate. It can also help you to tweak your hair so that it suits your complexion or sets off a specific aspect of your look, so if you’re thinking of taking the platinum plunge? We’d definitely recommend sitting down with your stylist and talking specifics.

Make it clear that you want to focus on cool tones, and avoid any trace of blonde/yellow (bonus points if you use words like “icy” or “glacial”) and our stylists will be able to talk you through the various options.

A good stylist will also be able to make recommendations based on your complexion, so if you’re not 100% sure what kind of white blonde you’d suit, make sure you book a free color consultation at your local Regis salon before you kick the process off, and end up with a color that isn’t 100% your style.

3. You don’t have to go all the way

While we’re on the topic of avoiding the dreaded “flat white”, it’s also worth thinking about balayages; highlights and other colour treatments that’ll allow you to blend white blonde tresses with some darker tones

Far from being a halfway measure, these treatments can actually be used to create some super-striking (and incredibly gorgeous) ‘dos that look every bit as relaxed as an all-over, white blonde recolor. We’re thinking of the grey-white balayage that Kimmy K rocked back in 2018 here, but our insta is full of good #hairspo too.

Opting for a balayage or a root stretch will ensure that your hair has plenty of texture, and a natural colour with plenty of multi-dimensional elements. If you want to know more about balayages, root stretches or highlights, book a free blonde color consultation at your local Regis salon, and one of our expert stylists will talk you through the options.

4. Consider getting your hair cut *before* you go white blonde

Healthy, happy hair tends to take on color more readily than dry or damaged hair. Damaged hair also tends to leach color pigments through the outer, cuticle layer which means that coloring tresses that have started to split or break can be a total waste of time.

If you’re hair isn’t in tip top condition, it may well be worth booking in for a hair cut before you start moving your hair towards white blonde. This will help to eliminate dead or split ends, and revitalise your hair; encouraging fresh growth and improving its ability to absorb and maintain your brand new color. It’ll also help to keep your color locked in for longer, which should cut down on the need for top ups further down the line.

A restyle can also help to set off white blonde hair in brand new and exciting ways, so we’d definitely consider taking this step in the days prior to your recolour.

Cara Delevigne’s bob cut was perfect #hairspo because it’s short, bold and a great match for the color.

That’s not to say that short bobs are your only option though: Just search for the #snowhair tag on Instagram and you’ll find plenty of inspiration.

5. Swing for a new shampoo

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that white blonde hair can be tricky to maintain. Use your regular shampoo (or even a general, color protect shampoo) and you’ll probably find that your frosty, white tresses start to look brassy or yellow after just a few weeks.

This is because your hair’s natural pigments have a warm tinge, and your average shampoos? Well, lets just say that they’re not designed to cancel out these tones, or keep your hair looking icy-cold for the long term.

In fact, the only products that can maintain that frigid, glacial tone are salon-quality shampoos that are specifically designed to neutralise yellow tones, and cool down blonde hair by providing purple pigments that are capable of cancelling out any trace of warmth.

We’re talking products like Matrix’s Color Obsessed So Silver Purple shampoo here. Or Matrix Biolage’s Color Care shampoo/conditioner. Both of these products have been formulated using ingredients that can highlight and amplify artificial color, while cancelling out any of your own, natural pigments to keep your hair looking cool and ice-white for as long as possible.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to walk out of the salon looking like a regal (and incredibly trendy) #icequeen, but it’s equally important to ensure that you still look the part four weeks later, particularly if you’re going to spend a few hours in the salon….

As such, we think it’s well worth investing in a good, color protect shampoo that’s designed for blonde, grey or platinum colored hair. You can find some good examples in your local Regis salon and by asking one of our stylists they’ll even be able to order you a couple of bottles.

Oh, and when it comes to washing your newly colored hair? Less is definitely more. Every time you ash your hair, hot water forces your hair’s protective outer coating (or cuticle layer) to open up; allowing soap and water to infiltrate the hair’s cortex and wash away color pigments. Washing your hair too much can also cause quite a bit of damage to your tresses, particularly if your color treatment has stripped away a lot of your hair’s protective oils.

Now, that’s not to say that you should avoid washing altogether,  but if you can cut it down to two or three washes a week, your color will definitely last a bit longer.

Ready to take the plunge?

Now that you know what to expect, you’re probably itching to rush off and get started with your summer transformation. (We know we are…)

Don’t forget to book a consultation first though. This might seem like an unnecessary precaution now, but trust us, taking the time to sit down with one of our stylists and actually talking through the various color options will definitely pay off when you walk out of that salon looking like you’ve just waltzed off the red carpet.

It’s also important to get up to speed on the process, and let someone look at your hair so that they can make recommendations about the number of appointments, the pre-color cut and so on…

To book a free blonde hair color consultation, just get in touch with your local Regis salon. Once you’ve reached out, one of our expert stylists will be able to guide you through the process, and you’ll be well on your way to getting that gorgeous, white blonde ‘do.