The cruelty-free beauty brand that’s turning heads for all the right reasons


We are super excited to announce that our salons are stocking up on one of the fastest growing brands of the beauty world; the colorfully packaged, fun, bright and rainbow delight that is Amika.  Unlike short-lived beauty trends, (naming no names) we think Amika is here for the long-haul. Constantly on the quest for new technologies and friendly ingredients that make up their high-performing products, it’s no wonder that Amika is on the lips (and hair) of every beauty enthusiast. So, when the vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free brand got in touch to team up – how could we resist?


Available across all salons nowPerk Up Dry Shampoo Headstrong hairspray

Perk Up

Amika’s launch in Regis salons will include the fan favorite Perk Up Dry Shampoo (it’s a-mazing, obviously). Unlike other dry shampoos Perk Up soaks up oil without leaving your hair feeling dirty or heavy.  Glamour magazine reckons this product ‘smells like heaven’ (how do they know that?), but after spritzing it on for ourselves, we’ve realised that they’re probably right.


Equally as fabulous is the Headstrong hairspray which is exactly what it says on the tin, or bottle if you will. Order your wild and unruly hair into formation with this fast-drying, freeze-hold finishing hairspray. Discover the best techniques for that ultra-hold by speaking to a stylist on your next salon visit.

Un Done

If you love instant volume and the perfectly imperfect texture that seems to have taken over even the most glamorous of red carpet events lately, you will love Amika’s Un Done texture spray. It’s literally a concoction of all those qualities you’d wish your hair had in one handy, frizz-fighting bottle. Take that mother-nature.


Speaking of mother-nature, have you ever woken up, looked at your naturally flat, limp hair and thought “I could really do with some matt volume powder”? Well, Vandal is the answer (we’re not sure what’s behind that name either but you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it). Get the sexy, tousled hair look effortlessly – simply puff on your roots for instant lift and texture, puff on mid-length and ends, then tousle ‘til your hearts content. And, voila: fat, matte volume.


Why we love Amika


Amika may be slightly obsessed with their not so secret ‘superfruit’ ingredient Sea Buckthorn Berry (they include it in every haircare and styling product) but do you know what else they’re obsessed with? Creating friendly, straight-forward and dependable products.  We LOVE that they’re focused on promoting individual beauty that is fun and experimental, instead of perfection and conformity. Akin to Regis’s culture of inclusion and positivity, we’re super excited to stock Amika products in each and every one of our salons nationwide.

Sea Buckthorn Berry. Don’t worry, it’s not just you, we had no idea what it was either.


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