As the crown jewel of awards season, the Oscars always play host to some truly spectacular hair and makeup. Sure; a few celebs always opt for the classic Hollywood waves – or *yawn* choose to play it safe with a simple chignon  –  but for the industry’s hottest it-girls, Oscar night is an opportunity to push the boat right out, and experiment with some seriously bold new styles.

Last year was all natural curls and wavy lobs, but we’re pleased to say that this year’s show was a riot of chic and sophisticated hairdos – from Lady Gaga’s oh-so-glamorous updo, right through to Angela Bassett’s show-topping low ponytail.

We’ve gathered ten of our favourites right here – so that you can get the jump on this year’s hottest trends, and start planning your next look…

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo always looks impossibly polished, but she really brought her A-game to this year’s award show. Spectacular mirror-dress aside, we thought her sleek and wavy hairdo really stole the show. Reportedly the work of celebrity stylist Chris Appleton, this undeniably chic look was characterised by a simple (but bold) wave that perfectly frames the star’s trademark good looks.

The intense, caramel colouring is certainly eye-catching too. Back in AW18, our social media feeds were lighting up with chatter about Jessica Warburton’s exciting “iced caramel latte” balayages, and it looks like J.Lo’s Oscar hair could breathe fresh life into the trend.

Keen to follow suit? Just book in at your local Regis salon.



📸: David Fisher / Rex photos

Lady Gaga

An undeniably glamorous look, this effortlessly elegant updo was the handiwork of Frederic Aspiras – a wigmaker and stylist who’s renowned for his bouffant ‘dos. As anyone who’s familiar with Aspiras’s work will know, dramatic and artfully-sculpted hair styles are standard far, but this elaborately coiffed centerpiece was particularly spellbinding, and we loved that GaGa chose to combine it with soft and natural looking makeup.

We also loved the icy, platinum colour, which paired perfectly with the star’s soft grey eyeshadow. Sadly hairstyles this elaborate are incredibly difficult to create, but if you have a special event coming up and want to try something similar, you can always book an appointment at your local Regis salon, and let our expert stylists recreate the look.


📸: Instagram @gagaxbradley

Charlize Theron

If there was an Academy Award for  best hair transformation, Charlize Theron would definitely be a front-runner! Ditching her usual blonde locks for a stunning brunette color, the Monster star caught our eye as soon as she stepped onto the red carpet, and we’re absolutely loving the choppy, one-sided bob too.

This chic look was the handiwork of celeb stylist Adir Abergel, and we think its an effortlessly stylish choice – perfect for special occasions, but simple enough for an everyday look too. Short bobs are also a great way to frame your face, and we’re confident they’ll be all the rage this spring – as temperatures climb and everyone starts looking for styles that’ll keep hair off the neck.



📸: David Fisher / Rex photos

Elsie Fisher

She’s only 15, but Elsie Fisher’s style is absolutely killer, and we couldn’t take our eyes off her Oscar ‘do. Sleek, straight and effortlessly chic, her sharp cut was the perfect compliment to her (oh-so-fire) 3-piece suite, and we absolutely love that she chose to clip it to one side.

In fact, we think the breakout-star did an excellent job of accessorising her hair – choosing a clip that complimented her Beladora cufflinks beautifully – as well as making an otherwise plain and straightforward style into a standout style.

We’ve waxed lyrical about the power of a good hair accessory in the past, but this really is living proof that a well-chosen clip can make a style, and we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on her social feeds as we move into SS19…



📸: Instagram @jenniferbehr

Constance Wu

Every bit as effortless as that Versace dress, Constance Wu’s immaculate high pony was a masterclass in understated elegance. Every strand of hair was immaculately waved, and sweeping the whole lot back off her face let her (gorgeous) pearl drop earrings take center stage, which really helped her to channel those Disney princess vibes…

High ponys used to be everyday hair – a quick and simple choice – but they’re fast becoming an Oscars staple, and we think they’re an incredibly versatile style that’s well-suited to any occasion. Particularly if you do like Constance, and accessorize like your life depends on it. High ponytails are a great way to add life and movement to an outfit too; they swish about every time you move your head, and that’s great if you’re going for a floaty dress like this.


📸: Andrew H Walker / Rex photos

Ashley Graham

Who’d have thought a simple ballerina bun could dominate the red carpet? Certainly not us, but Ashley Graham’s spell-binding take on this old favourite certainly went down a storm at last night’s Academy Award show – and it’s easy to see why.

Studded with a profusion of decadent velvet hair bows (reportedly by Jennifer Behr), this elegant and incredibly chic style made for sharp contrast with the Vogue model’s striking black dress. It also worked wonders for her face, and we think it’s a great choice for anyone that’s trying to let their outfit take center stage.

Oh, and the best bit? Ashley’s ballerina bun is incredibly easy to replicate. You just need to comb your (wet-look) hair into a tight ponytail, braid it, then wrap the whole thing into a neat bun before diving into your accessory draw…

📸: Instagram @jenniferbehr

Emilia Clarke

Color us surprised! Emilia turned a lot of heads when she dyed her hair platinum-blonde back in AW18, and we certainly weren’t expecting to see her return to her brunette roots any time soon. Nonetheless, we thought she wore the dark bob incredibly well, and we absolutely loved the mirror-smooth finish she managed to create.

According to rumours, Emilia had the support of celebrity hair stylist Nicola Clarke, who helped the star to achieve her spellbinding, Oscars look. If you’re thinking of following suit, we’d definitely recommend booking into your local Regis salon so that our expert stylists can help you to color your hair, without risking permanent damage to your pride and joy.


📸: Instagram @emiliastyle_

Kacey Musgraves

You’d be forgiven for missing Kacey’s hairdo entirely – her tulle dress was definitely star of the show, and it’s hard to pay attention to the fine detail when there’s that much candy-pink fabric waving around! Still, we thought her decision to tie her hair back, and pin it with a diamond clutch, was a masterclass in sophisticated hairdressing.

After all, less can be more; particularly if you’re wearing a showstopping outfit, and the last thing you want is an overdone look, with too many standout features. We thought the flawless, mirror finish was a great look too. Neat and sophisticated seems to be the name of the game this year, and we’re excited to see more people focusing on some standout accessories.


📸: Andrew H Walker / Rex photos

Angela Bassett

An agelessly sophisticated look, Angela Bassett’s flowing ponytail took years off the Black Panther star’s face (yes, she’s 60. For real). It was also the perfect way to highlight her natural curls, and we thought it was an incredibly elegant choice for award night.

We’ve mentioned our undying love for the simple ponytail before, but this look really is proof that it’s a style for any (and every) occasion. Keeping it smooth up top – then letting your hair cascade out below the bobble – is a great way to create a dramatic centerpiece for your outfit. It’s also a great way to emphasise your hair’s natural volume and length. Just make sure you take a curler to the ends, so that you can create plenty of visual contrast.


📸: Instagram @bohoexoticstudio

Rachel Weisz

British-born Rachel Weisz is no stranger to ageless hairstyles, but her Oscar-ready hairdo is definitely one of the most elegant looks we’ve seen, and we’re sure it’ll be making top 10 lists for some time to come…

First things first, we absolutely adored the mirror-smooth finish and her decision to sweep all her hair back to the nape of her neck really helped to draw the eye up; to her artfully-framed eyes and glamorous lipstick. It was the hair accessory that really stole the show though: Simple and elegant, it offered instant contrast to her hair, and really helped to tie her look together. If anything, we think it’s proof of the fact that accessories can make a hairstyle all on their own, and we’re super excited to see if the trend for super-chic headbands takes off…

📸: Instagram @ rachelweisz1

Found the perfect look?

We think the red carpet proffered up some superb #hairspo this year, and we’re already contemplating some of these super-glam styles for ourselves! If you’re in the same boat, make sure you book into your local Regis salon and talk to our expert stylists about your favorite look. They’ll be able to cut, color and style your hair so that you’re 100% red carpet ready, and they’ll be able to offer some top tips on maintenance too.