Caring for your dyed blonde hair is the only way to keep it from turning into dry and brittle strands that resemble straw – never a good look! With blonde hair continuing to trend well into fall, we’ve spoken to our professional stylists to bring you the best tips to keep your blonde locks looking healthy and glossy.
Care for your hair

The first tip from our stylists was simple: do not wash your hair for two days after dying your hair. This is a standard rule when it comes to color, however it’s especially important for blondes as the bleach used to achieve the beautiful shade of blonde strips the hair of essential oils. Washing your hair too soon after going blonde – or getting a touch up on your roots – has the potential to damage your hair with long term effects that can be hard to reverse.

When you do come to washing your hair, here are some top tips from our stylists:

  • Wash as little as possible – invest in a good dry shampoo for blonde hair to tide you over between washes and keep the grease away
  • Avoid anything harsh or stripping – avoid products with harsh ingredients and alcohol
  • Keep brassy tones at bay with purple or silver shampoos and conditioners
  • When buying shampoos/conditioners, check the labels for:
    • The phrase “for colored/dyed hair”
    • Descriptions such as “hydrating” and “moisturising”
    • Products specifically for blonde hair
We recommend:

Biolage R.A.W Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

Treat your hair to coconut milk & meadow foam with this nourishing shampoo and conditioner combo. It helps protect color-treated hair, leaving it soft and shiny with lasting color vibrancy.

We recommend:

 Designline Super Silver Shampoo and Conditioner

Brighten and enhance your blonde hair with this super silver shampoo which neutralizes yellow tones, leaving your hair with a beautiful shine. The super silver conditioner restores moisture to your hair whilst also giving it strength and elasticity.

If you’re thinking of going blonde, but afraid that your hair might quickly become dry and dehydrated, fear not, as there are hair care products out there that will replenish and repair your weakened hair. Even if you’ve gone for subtle highlights, your hair will need some tlc to get it back to its usual glossy and healthy state. Your best way to rehydrate your hair is with daily leave-in products. These will continue to provide your hair with the moisture it so desperately needs.

We recommend:

Designline Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner

Give your hair the spa-day treatment with this moisturising leave-in conditioner which helps to repair and restore your hair, leaving it with a beautiful, natural shine.

Each morning, our stylists recommend that you use a serum or oil on the ends and mid lengths to start the day with glossy locks. At least once a week, work a deep condition into your hair care routine to inject some serious moisture to ensure that your hair is rehydrated deep within the strands. The longer you can leave in these products the better. Consider moisturizing your hair overnight with a hair butter or oil treatment. Simply apply the product to your hair and fall asleep – who said hair care was a lot of work? If you’re worried about getting product on your bed sheets, wear a shower cap, wrap your hair in an old tshirt or use a towel to protect your pillowcase.

We recommend:

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

This lightweight serum smoothes and conditions your hair, sealing moisture into your strands and leaving your hair feeling silky, shiny and frizz-free, whatever the weather.

Keep your hair protected

Protecting your hair from heat damage is something you should be doing regardless of whether you have dyed hair or not, however blondes need to take extra care when heat styling their hair. Depending on your hair type, use a heat protecting cream, spray, or balm to protect your hair – these products can also stop the color from fading, so it’s a double win for us blondes!

We recommend:

Designline Hot Stop Style Primer

Protect your hair from heat damage with this ultra-lightweight spray, which helps you style your hair as well as protecting it.

The sun is not your hair’s friend

If you dyed your hair blonde for summer and ventured out into the sun to top up your tan last season, it’s likely that your hair has suffered from UV damage. To replenish your hair use protecting and clarifying products to bring your hair back to its former glory. Like heat styling and harsh ingredients, UV rays damage the individual hair strands and can make your luscious locks turn straw-like in a matter of hours. 

That green tinge… ugh

We’ve all seen it – if not experienced it ourselves – the slightly green tinge your lovely blonde locks turn after a dip in the pool or splash in the sea. If you’re planning a trip to somewhere hot to get away from the cold months ahead, it’s important that you protect your hair from the effects of chlorine. A simple solution is of course the use of a swimming/shower cap, while these might not be a fashion statement, they are the only way to be sure of protecting your hair from water. Another top tip is to apply conditioner before going into the pool/ocean to protect your hair (do not wash it off first, the idea is to leave it in so the chemicals and salt don’t reach the hair strands themselves) and then rinse your hair as soon as possible after getting out of the water. Another popular trick recommended by our stylists is to wet your hair with bottled water before getting into the pool/sea. This stops your hair absorbing the salt and chlorine that turn your blonde that unwanted shade of green.

So what do you do if the worst has happened and you’re left with greenish-blonde hair? Thankfully there is a solution… our stylists! If the green is still too strong after taking precautions, pop back into your local salon and our professional stylists will happily solve the problem for you.

Battle the brittle

Brittle hair is not what anyone sets out to achieve, but it’s an unfortunate side effect of the bleach used to dye hair varying shades of blonde. Here are two top tips from our professional stylists for minimising brittleness and protecting your hair from breakages:

  • Only get your hair dyed blonde by a professional colorist who understands your hair. If you want advice or an expert opinion, pop into one of our salons for a free color consultation with one of our professional colorists.
  • Get your hair re-dyed regularly, but not too often – this balance depends on the person and hair type, but our professional hair stylists will be able to give you advice that’s specific to your hair.
Make it last

The trick to making your hair color last is in the details. For the more laid-back blondes, this may not be the answer you were hoping for, however it is the best way to keep that salon finish in between appointments. Our stylists highly recommend getting shampoos and conditioners that have been formulated specifically for dyed blonde hair. If you don’t want the hassle of a long hair care routine at home, pop into one of our salons for a Matrix Ultim8 treatment to preserve the beautiful tones in your hair.

Speak to our stylists in salon about our hair care products and find the right package for you.

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