Picture this. You’ve stepped out of your local Regis salon swishing your hair as you showcase your fresh new cut and color. You literally feel as though your hair is indestructible. Know why? Because your stylist has kitted you out with the beauty world’s most wanted hair care essentials: amika.

We teamed up with amika for one reason: we love their cruelty-free products, and let’s be frank, it’s a super cool looking brand (ok, so that’s two reasons why we teamed up). Amika products are like a good friend – straightforward, dependable, and fun to spend time with. There’s no confusion over the intended use of each product, it does exactly what it says on the bottle. And there’s something for everyone, too.

After a product that will lock in color? Great, why not try their Color Lock Shampoo and Conditioner? Need your hair to perk up after you styled it to an inch of its life the night before? Then the Perk Up Dry Shampoo is for you. Wish you had a magic wand to smooth out unruly hair? Your wish is the Wizard Detangling Primer’s command. Ok, ok, so you’re probably cottoning on now. Amika products are as straight forward as they are striking. Which is why we’re stocking up on the full amika range across all Regis salons nationwide.

In true Regis manner, we dived straight into finding out how amika could solve many of our guests’ hair woes.  For illustration purposes, we’ve showcased our very own ‘hair diaries’ below (based on a true story). The plotline thickens as we approach the anticipated festive work party – so keep reading to find out how you can use amika to save the day, well, your hair anyway. In fact, let’s place you as the leading star of our story.

Day 1.

Ok, so back to swishing hair as you leave your local Regis salon. You’re feeling good. You’re feeling great in fact. Your stylist did an amazing job transforming your hair from drab to fab, and it hadn’t even hit lunchtime. Time to show off your new look and grab a bite to eat with your friends. It’s a tad windy though, darn that blustery winter wind! But then you suddenly remembered… you find your nearest restroom and pull out your mini Headstrong hairspray out of your handbag. You spritz a little more, concentrating on your mid to ends and leave with the feeling that your hair is indestructible – whilst still maintaining its body and movement. Swish, swish.

Day 2.

Your stylist sure did a good job on your blow out. You wake up and your hair has maintained its style. Ok, it might need a little brushing through, so you reach for your rounded brush and the Velveteen Dream smoothing balm to tame your frizz into submission.  Ah, it feels good to lock in soft-smoothness, so humidity can’t undo what you’ve done to your ‘do. Now you’re set and ready to tackle the day. Then you remember it’s Sunday. So instead you make yourself a coffee and crawl back into bed for a lazy day. At least your hair looks good, though.

Day 3.

So staying indoors all day Sunday may have protected your hair from the blustery cold wind outdoors, but with your heating on full blast for most of the day your hair is starting to feel dry. On top of that it’s Monday. Your phone’s already pinging with meeting reminders and the emails start flooding in – a far cry from yesterday’s day of chill. You need to style your hair and protect it, but you think you only have time for one or the other – wrong. You spritz your hair with The Shield anti-humidity spray. This heat-activated spray protects against frizz-inducing humidity for over 24 hours. Leaving you with enough time to style away using the Un Done volume and matt texture spray. From a voluminous salon blow-out to beach babe tousled waves. You’re nailing your hair game right now.

Day 4.

It’s about time you wash hair but as you run out the door on this cold, wet winter morning, coffee in hand, bag in the other you realise you must abandon hair wash night. You agreed to a girly night in and it’s either wash your hair or clean the house – and it’s gotta be the house this time, sorry hair. You have your laundry scattered about on radiators and you really need to clean out your fridge – that smell is not going anywhere anytime soon. But all is not lost. You know you’ve got your Perk Up dry shampoo safely snuzzled in your handbag. Before taking off in your car you spritz your roots for an instant refresh. It really is the closest thing to washing your hair without water – a talc-free, true dry cleanser that absorbs oil and refreshes hair with natural rice starch. And the big bonus: it leaves no white residue, ever. No wonder it was an award-winning product for Beauty Launchpad’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2017. Talk about haircare SOS – and just like a true friend, always there when you need them.

Day 5.

You’ve maxed out the quota of product build up in your hair and your tresses are screaming at you to wash them. Waking up early to wash your hair is no one’s first choice mid-week, but there comes a little, if not tiny sense of excitement at the thought of using your brand new Bust Your Brass shampoo and conditioner combo. “Your blonde hair needs upkeep” – you can hear your stylist’s words echo in your head as you gently wash your scalp and apply conditioner to your ends. Here comes the hard part of drying and styling your mane – or so you thought. It’s time to recall your stylist’s wise words regarding a styling regime. First, you de-tangle your hair using the Wizard Detangling Primer: a weightless, priming spray that detangles, cuts blow dry time and protects against thermal and environmental damage. Just the thing your hair needs. You apply some Blockade Heat Defense serum before you bring the heat and start blow drying in no time. Washing and blow-drying in the morning isn’t as bad as you thought after all.

Day 6.

You decide to take the morning off as you wait for your last-minute online order. You forgot that your staple dress had a beverage stain right across the front and there’s no time to get it dry cleaned, not this time of year anyway. Your work ‘do is tomorrow night! Thank goodness for next day delivery. As you wait around all morning for your delivery you paint your nails, apply a face mask and chill as you browse for ‘party hair’ online. You find an updo you absolutely love and you try it out thanks to a handy YouTube tutorial. But your hair lacks the natural volume it needs for it to really make this style stand out, and besides, hair updos are not your forte. At least there’s one thing you remembered – booking in your Holiday blow out at your local Regis salon. Luckily you remembered to book in advance as it gets incredibly busy this time of year. So now you begin to pack your overnight bag ready for tomorrow night’s shenanigans, not forgetting your Fluxus Touchable hairspray as well as your Un Done texture spray. Your Perk Up dry shampoo is already in your handbag ready to go – perfect.

Day 7.

It’s the big day. The day you and all your colleagues have been waiting for at least the past two months. If last year’s work ‘do is anything to go by this year is set to go off with a bang. 4pm cannot come sooner and you’re looking forward to sitting in that salon chair again – you can’t wait to see your hair transformed…

It’s around 6.30pm and you’re making your way to the restaurant. Your last-minute purchase looks amazing – a velvet burgundy midi dress with an off-shoulder neck and asymmetric peplum hem. You weren’t quite sure about the bodycon fit but you gotta admit, with your hair off your neck it looks classy and elegant. Speaking of your hair, your stylist has done it again. This time he’s wowed with a dreamy low chignon, with loose wavey bangs to frame your face. You have the perfected volumized crown thanks to the Plus Size perfect body mousse (which you attempted to do yourself the night before). To finish he’s used Headstrong hairspray and a noticeable spritz of Show Off gold finishing dust.

As you walk into the venue, all eyes are on you and you can’t wait to get the party started…

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