Do blondes really have more fun? Well, let it be known that cliché or not, at Regis, we love all types of blonde hair, from a precision perfect color melt balayage, a full head of golden hi-lites, or a daring all over white blonde. There’s something uber cool about blonde hair, whether it’s the varying tones and shades available, the way it can make skin appear more radiant to the way it gives off a fresh, sun-kissed feeling, whatever the season.

The phrase  blondes have more fun, has been something that’s been a topic of conversation for sometime,  whilst waiting for the verdict on this ,  it’s clear that blonde hair is as timeless and more popular than it’s ever been in 2019.

– Kieron Fowles, Creative Director Regis Salons

OK, don’t feel bad brunettes and red heads. All hair is wonderful – and if you keep reading you’ll see how brunettes and red heads can go lighter for Summer too.

We love all hair colours, (yes we do) but you can’t argue with the fact that blondes attract attention. Why is that? Well, it’s probably down to physics and biological responses and though we wouldn’t want to bore you with the science behind this, it’s important to point out that lighter hair reflects more light and human eyes are naturally drawn to brightness. The right shade of blonde can be simply dazzling. It’s thought that only 2% of adults globally have naturally light blonde hair and rarity always possesses high value. Whether blondes really do have more fun is more contentious. Even the world’s most renowned scientists couldn’t prove the theory that blonde hair is selected based on perceptions of attractiveness, so we wouldn’t like to speculate and we’re definitely not saying you need to be blonde to be attractive to others. We’re simply highlighting that having a brighter hair colour gets attention. Look, we don’t make the rules!

Our love of sun-kissed hair means it should come as little surprise then that our latest collection is called #GoBlonde.

Shot in fabulous New York city courtesy of our Global Creative Director Kieron Fowles and color experts over at Matrix Haircare, including Director of Education Michael McDonough, we had a fabulous time on set.

We even had a bit of inside fun and organised a hair challenge competition for stylists where two lucky winners got the chance to take part in our exclusive new collection photoshoot with Matrix in NYC (perks of the job, eh?). The great thing about being part of The Beautiful Group (TBG) is that we’re part of the world’s largest network of luxury salons, meaning we get to work on some amazing projects alongside our sister salons. That being said we picked two very worthy winners for this hair challenge and they were: Nicole from Hennessey Salons in West Vancouver and Alisha from Michael of the Carlyle in Lonetree, Colorado.

[Pictured below L-R: Kieron Fowles, Alisha Basore, Michael Donough, Nicole Khosh]

From the catwalk to the guest, Blonde is definitely not a seasonal summer look anymore. People are really investing in going lighter and trying out the different variations of blonde whether it’s commercial and wearable or adventurous runway style hair. Going blonde can definitely suit a wide-range of lifestyles too, as well as enhance facial features, haircuts and texture.

With a wide variation of maintenance, placements, techniques and a massive spectrum of tones for blondes, it’s no wonder everyone’s riding out the go blonde go lighter wave.

– Kieron Fowles, Creative Director Regis Salons

Explore the campaign looks


The beauty of a good balayage rests within its expert application, as well as your chosen color of course. For a natural-looking and sexy, lived-in colour, look no further. This coloring technique uses subtle blending of light to dark tones to create an undeniably relaxed and beautiful dimension to the hair. The naturally darker roots make this the perfect way for brunettes and red heads to delve over to the blonde side. The bespoke nature of this technique also gives your stylist the freedom to personalise your look according to your hairstyle, face shape and skin tone. Thanks to clever colour placement and lighter tones around your hairline, you’ll feel as though you’ve just stepped off an exotic beach, with radiant looking skin thanks to your new sun-kissed balayage.


Go back 10 years and there wasn’t much difference from one person’s blonde highlights to another’s; the hi-lo contrasting stripes all resembled something very similar. But today, there are so many shades of blonde hair and coloring techniques that have paved the way for much softer highlights that are more sophisticated and sometimes even invisible.

Thanks to varying colouring techniques, highlights now come with added dimension and texture creating the oh-so-talked-about ‘lived-in’ colour. This multi-tonal technique makes even the finest of hair look fuller and volumized. Michael McDonough, Director of Education at Matrix Haircare, explained that a highlight is “all about hair color placement and where you want to see the dimension and tones.”

Available as a full head or half head of highlights, you can really make this look your own by going as soft or vibrant as you’d like.

The coloring techniques balayage and highlighting are simple, beautiful and can be easily achieved by Regis stylists.   They can range from subtle to bright depending on the technique and placement of hair color.

– Michael McDonough, Matrix

White Blonde

Herein lies the ultimate statement making blonde. Its cool, chic tones work well all year round provided you pay proper care and attention to color maintenance. In part due to its boldness, you’d be forgiven for thinking there is only one shade of white blonde available, however there is a whole spectrum to choose from. From icey whites, creamy pearlescents to almost purple platinums, it’s a good idea to think about what look you’re going for and our stylists will be able to make recommendations based on your skin tone and desired maintenance.

“Blondes are iconic. Think of Marilyn Monroe with her platinum blonde and when it comes to Summer time think of ice blonde, champagne blondes, vanilla blondes and white blondes.   All of these can have any variation of color to create the perfect look. Be creative and have fun.”

– Michael McDonough, Matrix

Found the look?

Found the blonde technique that’s right for you? Or are you struggling to pick from being a balayage babe or white blonde queen? Either way, book in for your free colour consultation with our Regis expert stylists so they can talk you through your options and ensure you’re all prepped and set to undergo your beautiful blonde transformation.