Looking to wow someone special this Valentine’s? We’ve got your back! Drawing from the very best Grammy and Golden Globe hairstyles choking our social media feeds, this ultra-chic celebrity edit should give you plenty of inspiration for that big date – regardless of whether you’re hitting up a glamorous restaurant, a theatre or the local park.

Because we know just how stressful date-night prep can be, we’ve also added some top tips from our expert stylists *and* knocked the price of our Blow Out services right down to $29.99 for the big day. So if you’re balking at the thought of trying to solo a red carpet hairstyle, you can always drop in and let us do the hard work.

First though, let’s look at that Valentine’s #hairspo:

Mandy Moore  – low pony wrap around

Going for the effortlessly stylish vibe? Copying Mandy Moore’s SAG Award hairdo is a great way to update an everyday classic. Featuring blunt cut ends, a hair-wrapped bobble and a single pearl accessory, this chic and polished style is a masterclass in minimalism – and living proof that less can in-fact be more. Particularly when it comes to date-night hair!

This wrap around pony is dead easy to style too. Just wash your hair with a frizz fighting shampoo, let it dry and brush it out to get everything nice and smooth Once you’re fully prepped, secure your hair into a low pony (making sure the hair on your head is combed smoothly and as flatly as possible). Then, take about a quarter of an inch of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around your hair bobble, securing into discreetly into place. For the added ‘wow’ factor insert an embellished pin (or a pearl like Mandy’s) – spritz all over with your favourite strong hold hairspray (we recommend Kenra Hold Hair Spray) and you’ll be date-night ready in no time.

📸: @streicherhair

Nicole Kidman – Accessorised Bun

The internet seems pretty divided on this one, but we think Nicole Kidman rocked this look at the Golden Globes. Its tres chic styling makes it a shoe-in for glitzy dates too.  I mean, just look at the way those loose strands frame her face. And that ultra-plush velvet bow just oozes nonchalant grace…

Keen to imitate the queen of the red carpet? Lucky for you, this style is super easy to pull off. You’ll want to wash your hair with a good volumizing shampoo like the Biolage Haircare VolumeBloom Shampoo to help you get some lift at the roots, then pull it back into a low bun, -taking care to leave a few strands free at the front. Once this is done, adorn with the whimsical accessory of your choice (Nicole is sporting a Jennifer Behr accessory but anything velvet will do) then spritz with a good hairspray like Designline Hold Everything Spray to lock down flyaways.

📸: @kyleeheathhair

Margot Robbie – Hollywood Waves

Need something that oozes old-school Hollywood glamour? Margot Robbie’s retro chic waves are classic date-night, and a solid choice for any date that’s classy enough to involve a cocktail dress (think a night at the ballet, the theatre, or a candlelit dinner for two).

The only downside? Turns out that Hollywood waves are actually pretty tough to style. You can try combing Amika’s First Base Styling Cream through damp hair, then parting it in the middle (or the side, depending on your face shape) and setting to work with your favourite curling wand…

As long as you go slow and brush out your curls at the end, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the look. But if you are struggling, just book into your local Regis salon and let our expert stylists give you the full red carpet treatment.

📸: Photo by Facundo Arrizabalaga/Shutterstock

Meghan Markle – loose and wavy half-up

Meghan’s half-up is made for those semi-casual dates where you want to bring your A-game without looking like you’ve tried too hard. It’s playful, it’s flirty and it’s fun enough to wear for a walk in the park, but its soft waves and and ultra-chic lines are still elegant enough to fly in a nice bar. Plus, half-ups seem to be all the rage right now so it’s bang on-trend for SS19.

Want the look? All you really need is a good volumizing treatment (your local Regis stylist will be able to pick one out specifically designed for your hair type), a handful of bobby pins and some curling irons. Once you’ve got your kit together, wash your hair and massage in some of Designline’s Volume Mousse to add a bit of oomph. Then towel dry, section off  your hair with a comb, and tease the roots at the crown to imitate Megan’s ultra-voluminous look before sweeping the top and sides back and securing everything with an elastic or bobby pins.

Make sure you leave a couple of lengths free at the front too; the whole face-framing thing is a big part of Meghan’s look.

📸: Rex/Shutterstock

Katherine Langford – Accessorised Waves

If you thought Margot Robbie’s retro curls were the height of hollywood glamour, it’s time to think again! Katherine Langford’s Golden Globes hairdo proves that glitzy accessories are the perfect way to upgrade your waves and we absolutely love this look for glamorous restaurant dates.

Luckily, this look is too tricky to pull off. Just wash your hair using the Biolage Haircare VolumeBloom Shampoo, then use your favorite styling wand to create soft, retro-inspired waves. Once you’ve done this, just drape over one shoulder and spritz with Moroccanoil’s Shine Spray and you’ll be ready to accessorize. Katherine’s wearing some gorgeous Jennifer Behr star clips in this pic, but anything glitzy should do the trick.

Oh, and if you’re struggling to get everything sitting just right, remember that our expert stylists are always on-hand to help out. Just book into your local Regis salon and they’ll be more than happy to primp and preen until you’re 100% date-night ready.  

📸: @jenniferbehr

Khloe Kardashian – Accessorised Updo

Updos are a perennial classic, and this dazzling ‘do from Khloe Kardashian makes for the perfect update. The neat lines will draw the eye straight down, which makes this style a great choice for open backed dresses and those glittery rhinestone pins just take everything to the next level.

We think it’s 100% date-night appropriate – regardless of whether you’re hitting up a fancy bar or sitting down for a candlelit dinner – and it’s relatively easy to execute too. Just wash your hair with Designline’s Olive Oil Shampoo to ensure it’s nice and smooth, then dry and straighten your hair before making a high ponytail and wrapping the length of your hair around the bobble to create a tight bun. Once this is done, spritz with Kenra’s Hold Hair Spray and start accessorizing. Khloe wears Kitsch x Justine Marjan bobby pins but anything glittery will give your updo that glam edge.

📸: @khloekardashian

Khloe Kardashian – Teased Pony

Perfectly mussed waves always look effortlessly chic, and Khloe’s Ellen Show look is the perfect way to wear them for date night. The high pony says carefree but elegant, and that cascading mane of textured curls is a great way to make sure his eyes stay glued to you…

This look is a bit more work though. First, you’ll want to prep with a volumizer spray. Preferably one that also adds texture, in which case we suggest Designline’s Volumizing Spray. Then you’ll want to curl your hair using your favourite tongs; switching the direction you curl each strand to stop things looking too neat. Once your hair’s all curly, you’ll want to sweep it back into a high pony and brush out those curls to get those beautifully tousled, cascading waves. Don’t forget to spritz with a good holding spray like Amika’s Headstrong Hairspray to ensure your style lasts all day (and night). 

If you need help getting the look 100% perfect, make sure you book into your local Regis salon. Our expert stylists will be more than happy to tease and tousle each strand to perfection to ensure you’re date night ready. They also have all the professional products to-hand that you need to get this kind of texture and volume.

📸: @khloekardashian

Chrissy Teigen  – Wavy Bob

If you’re going all out this Valentine’s, Chrissy Teigen’s wavy bob is absolutely fantastic date-night #hairspo. Chrissy debuted this look at the 2019 grammys and we’re absolutely in love with its texture, and chic, on-trend styling. 

Already sporting a bob? You’ll be pleased to know that you just need a curling wand, a little hairspray and a bit of free time prior to your date. If, on the other hand, you’re currently wearing your hair long, it might be worth thinking about booking into your local salon. It might seem bold to suggest a complete overhaul for Valentine’s day, but we think this striking bob is well worth the effort as it look like #shorthairdontcare will continue to be all the rage in SS19…

📸: Rob Latour/Rex/Shutterstock

Still Searching for the one?

If  you’re worried about pulling off a red carpet look (or pining for something that’s a little more ‘you’) we’d recommend booking into your local Regis salon. Our expert stylists will be more than happy to sit down and talk through your options. They’ll also be able to offer advice tailored to your look, and execute your chosen style, leaving you to sit back and relax before your big date.

Plus, we’ve knocked the price of Blow Outs right down to $29.99 to celebrate the world’s most romantic holiday, so there really isn’t a better time to book in, and let us work our magic.




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