When it comes to hair care, summer is our favourite season. Why? Because of its low-maintenance hair routines like letting your hair air dry in the sun, heatless styling and heaps of looks that let you show off your natural hair in all its glory. But as much as summer days filled with fun in the sun, sea and sand may feel relaxing, come September the effects of water and sun on your tresses will call for salon intervention. As minerals begin to build up in your hair at the tail end of summer, you may feel that your locks are dry, weak and well, looking a little worse for wear. Sound familiar? Well, thankfully there’s a solution. The seasonal transition creates the perfect opportunity for you to pop in to your local salon and give your hair a Malibu Makeover – sounds boujee right?

Sneak peak: We’re currently offering a limited-edition Malibu Makeover at all Regis salons… keep reading to find out more!

What is it?

The Original Malibu MakeOver® is a 2-step wellness treatment that starts off with Malibu’s Crystal Gel Normalizer followed by the Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder to help restore vibrant hair and a healthy scalp. It’s the perfect salon treatment if your hair is oxidized, damaged or over-processed.


Why do I need it?

Where some deep conditioning treatments leave hair feeling coated and weighed down with heavy product, the Malibu Crystal Gel and Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder penetrates the hair cuticle, rather than simply masking the damage. Layers of oil or heavy styling products end up bonding with minerals in the hair, proving to be counterproductive and actually get in the way of color molecules, preventing them from getting to where they need to be. Without getting too technical or sciency, the important thing to know is that these types of products make your hair lose color vibrancy as a result.

The oils and silicones often found in many hairstyling products that are used to smooth down the cuticle and mask any damage are removed with the Malibu Makeover, leaving you with a clean and healthy base.

Missy Peterson, global education and artistic director for Malibu C gave Modern Salon an explanation on how the treatment works:  “I explain it by saying it’s like painting your kitchen; if you see a little bacon grease on the wall, you’re going to clean that off, first, so your paint applies evenly and stays there.”

Who needs this treatment you ask? Well – everyone! Especially if you’re exposed to hard water, pools, spas, or water softeners and oxidizing chemicals that are used to color, highlight, perm, straighten or relax hair.

What it’s good for

Color, highlights and blondes

The Malibu Makeover immediately removes layers of “rock” found on the hair from mineral build-up that can prevent the successful processing of color & highlights.

Build up on the hair can also be caused by repeated use of ‘hard water’ – which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. If you live in an area where there is a high concentration of hard water, you’ll find that your hair is quite dry, prone to frizz, brittle, difficult to blow dry, porous, stiff and hard to style, brassy and vulnerable to color damage as well as color fade. Not exactly what you wanna hear, right?  And, not to sound gross, but if you live in a hard water area, your scalp is probably clogged up with the white slimy stuff you find at the bottom of your kettle. 😱 😱 😱

This two-step miracle treatment however helps to process color faster, having created a clean canvas on your hair by removing mineral build up, which means your stylist won’t need to keep chemicals on your hair for as long as the color will develop more quickly – which we feel is a *huge* bonus, especially for those who like to minimise the appearance of brassy, yellow tones in their hair.  Not only that, but the treatment also helps to increase your color’s staying power and vibrancy, by keeping color fade at bay for longer.


The Malibu Makeover treatment also works wonders on hair set to be permed. It normalizes and prepares resistant hair to ensure maximum results when you pop in for your perm appointment. Removing mineral build-up and oxidizers from your hair helps to ensure your perm is processed to the best of your hair’s ability. And if you’re worried that a perm will leave your hair feeling straggly and hard to manage, you’ll be pleased to know that if your opt for this treatment, your hair will be infused with protein following your perm service, helping to improve strength and vibrancy – so get ready for all that bounce!


Straighteners / Relaxers

Similarly, the Malibu Makeover prepares hair for straightening services too, ensuring the best results with the least damage. It also helps to prevent breakage during the service which can occur due to heavy oxidation or high chemicals that are high in pH.


By safely and gently removing mineral build-up that can exacerbate dandruff, eczema and psoriasis, the Malibu Makeover is perfect if you want to prevent a flaking and itchy scalp. It also helps to reduce scalp irritation and the appearance of inflammation by normalizing the natural exfoliation rate of scalp surface layers.



For all the avid swimmers out there: this treatment immediately returns ‘swimmer’ hair to a drastically healthier condition by removing chlorine and oxidizer build up which can severely damage hair. It also removes the dreaded copper build-up you get from swimming pools that results in a nasty green tinge on your hair – gross, gross, gross. So if you want to restore shine, volume and manageability in your hair – you won’t want to miss out on the Malibu Makeover treatment now available in Regis salons. Prevent your hair from future damage – find your nearest salon.

Want instantly healthier hair, right now?

Who can blame you?! Find your nearest salon and book in for your Malibu Makeover treatment.