2018’s been a busy year for some of our favorite celebrities: We’ve seen Sanaa Latham rocking a buzz cut and Hailey Baldwin went full-on bubblegum pink for the summer. Talk about crazy transformations!

We’ve also seen some sleek and sophisticated new looks too: bangs, angled bobs and balayages have been popping up all over the red carpet and there’s no shortage of cool, platinum or grey tones on display.

Now that the year’s drawing to an end, we thought it would be fun to sit down and collect a list of our favourite transformations. These fab looks make for some great #hairinspo so if you’re planning a bit of a restyle, make sure you read on!

Ashley Graham

We were surprised to see Ashley chop off her trademark waves, but this Kim Kardashian-inspired lob is definitely a winning style. We love its glossy finish, and the way it frames her face.

Bella Thorne


2018 saw Bella tone down her bright pink hair and opt for a more natural color. While we’ll miss the fun and flirty bubblegum pink, we love the depth and tone created by those copper highlights. We’re betting that her new color’s much easier to maintain too.


Christina Aguilera

2018 saw Christina go back to her platinum-blonde roots with this oh-so glamorous new look. We’re smitten by those soft, hollywood waves and we have to admit that she wears her old colors much better than the fiery red mane she was sporting at the beginning of the year. Here’s to hoping she sticks to her guns in 2019!


Hailey Baldwin

The handiwork of Redken influencer Ryan Pearl, Hailey’s bubblegum pink hair adds a pop of color to her complexion and we’re loving the fun and flirty vibe. It’s 100% a permanent color and it’s a fab choice for spring so if you’re considering your options for early 2019, this is a great look to draw from.

Jenna Dewan

Yet more evidence that the bob is here to stay! Jenna switched her lob for this angled cut in mid 2018. The new style gives her look a sophisticated edge and we think it’s testament to the power of small changes. If you’re looking to update your look without making a radical change, take note of this elegant transformation.

Julianne Hough

On the other end of the spectrum, this transformation from blonde to red is one of the more radical transformations we saw in 2018. Julianne’s reported to have said that the new color makes her look more feminine and alive though, so more power to her!

Kerry Washington

We’ve all grown accustomed to Kerry’s sleek and mirror-finished lobs, so seeing her with a head of curls was certainly a big surprise. We absolutely love this transformation though, its simple but elegant, and it really helps to soften her image.

Khloe Kardashian

Wowzer! Trading beach-friendly blonde waves for this slick, ombre bob gave Khloe a much more sophisticated look this summer, and we’re absolutely loving the way her new style framed her face. But her 2018 makeover didn’t stop there – she shocked her Instagram followers by posting a dusty pink color transformation just in time for Christmas. If you’re looking for an excuse to book in for a cut and color in 2019, use this as your #hairinspo.

Kim Kardashian

A true hair chameleon, Kim showed off several hot new looks in 2018 – including super-sleek “glass” hair and a wet look that’s to die for. We’re not sure which style we like the most though. How about you?

Priyanka Chopra

With all the love for bobs and long waves, it’s easy to forget that mid-length hair can look incredibly glam. Case in point? Priyanka’s 2018 ‘do, which combined chic waves with a subtle ombre for some truly striking results. This style’s much more manageable than the long tresses she used to wear, and we’re excited to see how she styles it in 2019 as Mrs Jonas.

Salma Hayek

We certainly weren’t expecting Salma to switch her natural brunette coloring for this rose-gold style, and judging by the internet’s reaction we weren’t alone. Still, there’s no denying that the softer color really suits the award-winning actress!

Lucy Hale

Lucy’s something of a hair chameleon but we were still surprised by her tousled bob and subtle balayage. It does plenty to soften her look and its chic lines certainly suit her but it looks like she’s already turned blonde!

Sanaa Latham

It seems like Sanaa really can pull off anything. We were shook when she lopped off her curls for this radical buzz cut, but she wears it well and there’s no denying that it plays up her stunning features. Here’s to hoping she’s brave enough to keep it!

Whitney Port

Exchanging long waves for this sleek bob, Whitney proved once and for all that she’s growing up fast. The sharp lines really frame her face and give her an effortlessly sophisticated look that we’re a teensy bit jealous of. If you’re looking to update your style in 2019, this fresh new look might be a good place to start.

Feeling Inspired?

There’s no better time to update your look, and these celebrity style transformations certainly make for good #hairspo. If you’re looking to shake things up in 2019, make sure you book an appointment at your local Regis salon, where our stylists will be more than happy to help you reinterpret these effortlessly cool new styles. Don’t forget to share your new styles on Instagram by tagging @Regissalons or using the hashtag #regissalons