Tired of fighting dull hair and tired skin? We feel your pain. This time of year can be brutal for your beauty regime, what with its drying winds and sudden cold snaps. Those of us lucky enough to live in the southern latitudes have a bit of extra protection, but the truth is that winter weather can be pretty rough on everyone’s hair and skin.

Luckily your hands aren’t completely tied. We asked some of our top stylists for their top tips on damage prevention, and then put together this article – so that you could get on top of those pesky winter hair woes.

Establish a good routine

First things first, a daily routine is absolutely essential. According to our stylists, regular care and maintenance is the first step to correcting the issues that lead to dry or damaged hair. Not to mention the single best thing you can do to protect your skin and hair from further damage.

That’s not to say that you have to go all out, and create the kind of 30-step regime favoured by celebrity hair stylists though. The best routines are simple and straightforward enough to become part of your everyday life, and the only steps they need to include are:

  • Regular (daily) hair brushing, to work out contaminants, separate hair strands and let your hair breathe
  • Washing your hair with a shampoo that addresses your biggest hair woes (we’ll come back to this later)
  • Removing your makeup every day, and using a gentle cleanser to rebalance your skin’s pH
  • Detoxing your hair and skin at least once per week
  • Setting aside at least one heat-free day per-week, where you hold off styling your hair and let everything reset.

If you can manage all this, you’ll be able to get ahead of the worst damage and keep your hair in tip-top condition. You will need the right products though – particularly if your trying to undo winter damage.

We’d recommend using a salon-quality treatment like Amika’s Reset Scalp cleansing treatment for your weekly detox, or Matrix Toner Mask  if you have colored hair. We’d also recommend using something like Bumble and Bumble’s Detox Dry Shampoo for regular maintenance, and Dermologica’s Daily Mircofoliant for your facial cleanse.

Want more tailored recommendations? Our stylists know how to care for every type of  hair and they’d be more than willing to help you create a healthy regime. Just book an appointment at your local Regis salon (or call in at a quiet time) and ask them for some personalised advice.

Try a new shampoo

Choosing a good shampoo is the key to keeping your hair looking smooth and glossy. Sadly ‘good’ is a fairly subjective term and finding the right shampoo can be surprisingly tough. A lot of everyday shampoos contain ingredients like alcohol or silicone, which are known to be fairly drying. it’s important to avoid these shampoos if you want to combat persistent dry hair. We’d also recommend anything with sulfates or parabens – particularly if you’ve got sensitive skin or suffer from persistent dryness.

Sound like a bit of a minefield? We’d recommend that you stick to hydrating shampoos. As a rule, these deeply moisturising products tend to pretty gentle on dry hair and they’re also one of the few options that’ll heal split or damaged strands. You could also try one of the shampoos that are specifically formulated to repair or replenish damaged hair.

Our top recommendation is definitely Amika’s the Kure Repair Shampoo which is a gentle, revitalising product that’s designed to clean and nourish your hair without stripping away your own protective oils. If you’ve got color treated hair, you could also look into Redken’s Color Care Shampoo which also has some super protective properties, and a healthy dose of replenishing nutrients.

Trim your hair regularly

It’s no secret that regular trimming is key to good hair. It keeps split ends at bay and it also helps to keep your chosen style looking salon fresh, which is super important because you simply can’t look (or feel) like your best self if your hair isn’t sitting right!

It is tough to keep on top of regular trim though, especially if you have a busy schedule. We’d strongly recommend booking an appointment at your local Regis salon and chatting to your stylist about scheduling regular maintenance. They’ll be able to help you work out how regularly you should pop in for a trim and work with you to plan a good routine that’ll keep your hair healthy.

Switch to a hydrating conditioner

Conditioners are designed to keep your hair looking moist and vibrant, but there are times when your conditioner can actually exacerbate problems with tired or dull hair. This is particularly true of heavy conditioners, which weight down individual strands and prevent your hair from breathing properly.

If you’ve been using the same conditioner for quite some time, it might be worth switching to a product that’s formulated to hydrate and replenish your hair. These treatments are generally very lightweight, and they’re also enriched with vitamins that are designed to heal and replenish hair that’s been dried out by harsh winter weather.

Our top pick? Amika’s The Cure Replenishing Conditioner. This fantastic product is a firm favourite in most of our salons and with good reason too. It’s filled with the beneficial nutrients needed to delve deep into your hair, and repair winter damage, and it’s also a lightweight product that won’t build-up in your hair, or leave it looking greasy.

Start using a face mask

Facemasks are bit of a golden bullet – especially when it comes to reversing winter skin damage. These treatments are like a mini spa-day for your face; working their way deep into your skin’s inner layers so that they can plump, smooth and revitalise. The best face masks will also help to protect your skin from further damage by putting back some of the oils that are needed to maintain vibrant, elastic skin so they’re well worth experimenting with, particularly if you find that your skin looks a little dry during the colder months.

Our top pick is definitely Dermologica’s Sleep Cocoon Mask which is enriched with a skin-tingling combination of essential oils. We also love the fact that you can use this mask overnight, so you don’t have to spend the afternoon looking like you’re wearing face paint!

Try out an oil treatment

Oil treatments are incredibly good at tackling dry or damaged hair. They replenish lost nutrients and seal any cracks in your hair’s cuticle layer which stops moisture from escaping the inner cortex. Better still, lightweight options like Morroocanoil’s Treatment Oil also provide a lot of the beneficial antioxidants that are needed to protect your hair from further damage; forming a protective layer that’ll insulate your hair from further damage.

If you’re struggling with dry or lifeless hair, we’d strongly recommend that you experiment with these handy little treatments. They’re dead easy to use too: Simply massage them into your hair prior to shampooing, or rub them into split ends and leave overnight. As long as you don’t go overboard and use too much, they’ll soak straight into your hair and start repairing any damaged strands.

Start using a heat spray

Problems with dry or damaged hair are often the result of excess heat, particularly in winter months when we spend a lot of time in heated indoor spaces. As such, our top stylists always recommend using a good heat spray between November and March.

These sprays coat individual strands of hair and prevent warm air from infiltrating your hair’s protective layer. Better still, they provide a bit of additional protection from cold winds and your regular styling tools, which may well be contributing to any issues with dry or damaged hair. If you want some tailored advice or a salon-quality treatment, book an appointment at your local Regis salon and ask one of our expert stylists to talk through your options. They’ll be able to pick out a product that’ll suit your hair and show you how to use it properly.

Add a protective treatment

Sporting colored hair? Chances are that you’ll be even more prone to winter damage. This is because chemical color treatments damage the sulphur bonds that give your hair strength, and crack the protective coating that protects individual hairs from the environment; leaving the delicate, inner layers exposed to harsh winds and the cold. You may also notice that you wash your hair more in winter, which can exacerbate this effect and leave your hair looking wispy, dry or brittle.

Luckily there’s a simple solution; just switch to a color protecting treatment like Matrix Biolage’s Colorlast Shampoo, or Redken’s Color Care Conditioner. These high-performance products are packed with the beneficial nutrients needed to soothe and protect colored hair, and they’re ideal for adding an extra layer of protection to prevent your hair from drying out in winter. Salon-quality products like Matrix Biolage’s Colorlast Shampoo will also help to strengthen your hair by providing a good dose of keratin, which means less worrying about whether your hair’s going to dry out, and more time spent enjoying the last days of winter!

Book a deep conditioning treatment

If all else fails, our stylists are always on-hand to help fix damaged or dry hair. In fact, our stylists are well-versed in treating all types of hair and we offer a range of treatments that are ideal for combatting winter damage – including deep conditioning treatments that are designed to nourish and restore tired strands.


Book an appointment at your local Regis salon and they’ll help you to overcome the worst of your winter hair woes. They’ll also be able to hook you up with the products you’ll need to keep your hair in tip-top condition year-round – which is a must if your’re prone to dry or brittle hair!

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