As temperatures begin to rise (slowly but surely) and as we resurface from the cocoon of comfy blankets and cosy sweaters, it’s time to start thinking about what steps to take to prepare for the warmer weather.

Naturally, we find ourselves reaching for lighter clothing and begin to make solid plans to lay around on a sunbed somewhere, but something often unheeded is how we approach our hair care and beauty regimen. While a complete overhaul isn’t always necessary, a few simple adjustments will help you prepare for the warmer months.

We often forget the effect of seasonal change on our hair and skin, leaving us wondering why our beauty routine isn’t quite having the same result it used to. Here at Regis, we understand the struggle when it comes to changing a beauty routine that saw you through winter, but we’re here to help! Follow these simple guidelines from our in-house stylists and beauty therapists to help you look and feel good, now that warmer weather is on the horizon.


Spring clean your beauty stash

It’s that time of year where we begin to make the switch over from our knitwear to pretty summer tops and partake in some much-needed de-cluttering and clearing out. Whilst you prepare your wardrobe, home décor and garden for the new season, Spring cleaning doesn’t stop there. Your beauty stash also requires a good shakeup.

As you begin to pull out last year’s products, including those that you completely forgot you had, you begin to realise how much your cupboards and drawers need a declutter. In our haste to purchase we sometimes end up with products we never use because we either don’t have a solid beauty regimen or we forgot we even had them.

Rule 1:- Have one clear space for all your hair products.

This can be your bathroom cupboard, your dressing table or your bedroom shelf – where ever you feel is useful to you. Do you tend to spray products in the bathroom because you don’t want it to spritz all over your bedroom surfaces? Then stock up your bottles and tubs in the bathroom cupboard. If you like doing your hair at your dressing table along with your makeup, then create space in your drawers alongside your makeup, and so on. Having one clear space for your hair products will help you know where everything is, and you won’t find yourself discovering things you didn’t realise you had because they were out of sight. Visibility of the products you have is key.

Rule:-2 Throw out the products you haven’t used in the last 6-9months

If you haven’t used it by now you probably never will! Help make space for the new by throwing out the old. Don’t cling onto products you’ve never used in the hope that you will one day, unless you really, really intend to.


Reassess your hair routine

The primary hair changes people experience from winter to spring include a greasier scalp, less volume due to higher temperatures, and jaded colour due to sun exposure.

“The transition into Spring after a dry winter season, means restoring your hair’s natural lustre and for this moisture is key,” says Creative Director Kieron Fowles. “If you don’t already, use a clarifying shampoo once a month to cleanse your scalp and to remove build up.”

A great clarifying shampoo that will help you remove all excess product build up in your hair is Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree shampoo as it removes impurities, helping to get the shine back. If you’re a regular swimmer, it’s perfect as it’ll remove chlorine too thanks to its deep cleansing formula that works to strengthen your hair, working with each individual strand to help protect it from future build up. However, once you’ve used a clarifying shampoo, remember to top up the moisture in your hair with a good hair mask or nourishing conditioner as some intense clarifying shampoos can also strip your hair of their natural oils.

Speaking of natural oils, if you struggle with a greasy scalp and lack of volume come mid-week, invest in a good volumizing dry shampoo like Living Proof Dry Shampoo. Build this into your routine even on clean hair, to help keep grease at bay and your roots looking fresh and full of bounce. Avoid over-doing this however as you’ll find that heavy product build up will have the reverse effect.

It might seem like the obvious choice, but if you have coloured hair, you’ll need to devote your hair care regimen to products that are made for protecting your colour. If you like the idea of sticking to one brand when it comes to your colour care, we recommend the Matrix Biolage Colourlast range. In fact, we can’t recommend it highly enough! Protect and nourish your hair using the Colourlast Shampoo and Conditioner, treat your hair once a week to the Colourlast Masque and top your hair off with some brilliant shine thanks to the Colourlast Shine Shake Spray. We love this range because it’s paraben-free and specially formulated to maintain the colour and tone of your hair, so it stays looking brighter for longer.


Scheduling in salon treatments in between your colour appointments are also great as a good glossing treatment will help nourish your hair and lift back up some of that vibrancy from when you last coloured your hair. These ‘in between’ treatments are an affordable and nifty little way to tie you over until your next colour appointment.


Switch to lightweight products

Dial back on the thickness and richness of moisturising products that you may have used during the winter months. The warmer months mean your skin will naturally produce more oils and so lathering your face and hair with heavy duty products will only add to the problem. Consider a lightweight moisturiser and stepping down from medium or full coverage foundation to a BB crème or tinted moisturiser. We recommend a Dermalogica face cream containing SPF 30 which is known for its UV protection and an abundance of Vitamin C to leave you looking young and stunningly radiant. Each application is packed full of antioxidants that boost your skin’s natural resilience to environmental aggressors, ensuring that you feel confident with a day in the sun. Pop in to your local salon to enquire more.

The same applies to your hair. Switching from heavy clarifying shampoos to something lightweight like Paul Mitchell’s Gentle Wash Shampoo will help ensure your hair doesn’t get greasy too quickly. Particularly as we find ourselves washing our hair more often during the warmer months, the lighter the shampoo, the less it will strip our scalp of its natural oils. When it comes to styling your hair try using EIMI’s Flexible Finish hairspray, designed to give you a light hold to enable you to change up your style. This hairspray also works to protect hair from UV and heat damage, whilst enabling you to style and restyle as often as you like.

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