The Right Style for the Right Situation

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We’ve all been there: Standing in front of the closet trying to decide what to wear. Too formal. Too casual. Too dated. Just too much. And then once you’ve settled on an outfit, it’s easy to run into the same issue with your hair style. What’s right for the situation?      


The right style should draw attention where you’re hoping to draw attention and express the emotions you want others to see. It should be simple and elegant for the moments when you want your jaw-dropping dress or killer new outfit to be the focus point. For when you want your hair to grab more attention, try a fun, out-there, how’d-she-do-it style. Then go for a tousled, casual look for the moments you’re just trying to get out the door.


In the end, it’s all about you. Choose your style and own it. Here are a few ideas how.

Illustration of an updo

Wedding, gala, art opening?

Grab some attention with an updo.

Illustration of a topknot or messy bun

Brunch, weekend errands, girl’s night?

A quick and easy solution is a messy bun or top knot.

Illustration of a ponytail

Holiday party, date night, special event?

A sleek ponytail offers simple elegance.

Illustration of a woman with her hair down with a hat

Pretty much anytime?

You can always wear it down and beautifully casual.           

(Illustrations: Ashley Mary - @ashleymaryart)          

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