Top 5 Haircut Trends
Summer is a perfect time of year to experiment with your hairstyle and try something new. Whether the warmer temps create the desire to shed some weight and try a shorter crop or you just want to spend less time styling your hair during the summer, there’s an on-trend solution either way. Here are a few of our favorite looks this season.


Soft waves

This look will forever be a summer classic, and it suits both longer and shorter styles. Layered, natural-looking waves that are slightly disheveled give off a casual-cool vibe.


Pixie bangs

They offer a playful, mischievious look that you can rock with hair up or down. Either way, they add easy, unexpected interest to your look and accentuate your eyes. Win-win.


Curly lob

Embrace the natural texture of your hair this summer. Naturally curly hair, cut around the shoulder, adds fun bounce and laid-back elegance to your look.


Androgynous bob

This look is for men or women—a versatile cut that is neither too feminine nor too masculine. Length-wise, it can range from a long pixie to shoulder-length; the piece-y texture of this cut results in an edgy vibe, for someone who wants to take a chance on a bold look.


Modified mullet

Really! It’s soft and more blended than its '80s counterpart, leaving you with a look that is very rocker chic.

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