Top 5 Travel Tips

Travel can either be a time of elevated stress or it can be a time to relax and recharge. Though sometimes these circumstances are out of our control, the way we pack and prepare can make a huge difference and can take even a stressful situation and lend it some calm. Here are some of the travel tips we swear by.


number 1

Stop over-packing

It’s easy to want to bring everything short of the kitchen sink on a vacation or work trip. Bur resist the urge to over-pack. One way to help you reign in what you’re putting in your suitcase is to pack a color-coordinated wardrobe. By selecting pieces of clothing that coordinate with nearly every other piece that you’re bringing, you can pack less, as tops and bottoms can mix and match. Blues or black and white are great color palettes for optimal versatility.

number 2

Roll it up

When actually putting your clothing into your suitcase, roll each piece rather than folding. This will save space and, if rolled carefully, can help eliminate wrinkles.

number 3

Pack a back-up battery

You don’t want your phone dying mid-flight, right when the guy in the middle seat starts snoring and all you want to do is drown out the noise with your favorite tunes. Protect your sanity. Plus, you’ll definitely need your phone to be fully charged once you arrive. Which leads us to our next point…

number 4

Get the right apps

There’s nothing that piles on stress faster when you don’t know how to navigate a new city, can’t find your ticket or reservation information, or if you need to quickly grab a bite to eat. Tripcase is a great app that puts all your reservations—from flights to hotels and car rentals—in one place so you can keep track of everything on the go. It also gives suggestions of things to do and places to visit, as well as weather forecasts, for the city you’re in.

number 5


Nobody likes getting off of a plane and feeling haggard and unkempt. Throw some moisturizer, dry shampoo (we love Biolage Clean and Recharge Dry Shampoo), styling product, and face wipes into your carry-on, and when you de-board, pit stop in the bathroom to give your hair and face a refresh so you’re ready to hit the town when you leave the airport.

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